Sedro-Woolley Car Accident Lawyer

skagit county courthouseCar accidents cost the state of Washington over $4.4 billion dollars in damages. From lost productivity to property damage and medical expenses, accidents cause financial devastation in a lot of lives. A Sedro-Woolley car accident can happen at any time, leaving you with serious injuries that may keep you out of work for a significant period. The lost wages can make it difficult to support your family and pay your medical expenses. They can significantly reduce your quality of life, especially if they take a long time to heal or lead to chronic complications.

Even if you are insured, you cannot depend on an insurance company to pay the full value of your claim. When you face serious injuries from a Sedro-Woolley auto accident, you can benefit from working with an attorney.

How Can A Sedro-Woolley Accident Attorney Help?

A dedicated car accident attorney can help you recover from a tough situation. Car accident victims are often shorted by insurance companies, and many times they are tempted to take what they can get to pay urgent bills. With the help of an attorney advocating for your settlement, you may be able to receive what you need to pay off the mountain of debt that can accumulate from a severe car, motorcycle, or truck accident.

By analyzing the details of your accident, your insurance policy and any offers you may have received, an attorney can get to work negotiating a settlement that can cover all costs. There are many unexpected costs a car accident can incur, and you should not have to exhaust all personal savings to cover them.

Property Damage

Property damage is an expensive factor in most car accident cases. Repairing a vehicle that has been damaged can take weeks and cost thousands of dollars. If your car was totaled in the accident, a replacement can be a huge financial burden you were not ready for. Insurance companies must pay you the value of your car if you were to sell had it not been a total loss. Attorneys in the MyTrafficMan network can help you receive these funds.

Medical Bills

Medical bills are perhaps the most expensive loss from a car or motorcycle accident. You may use your PIP insurance coverage and health insurance coverage to pay bills that may otherwise go to collections. A car accident attorney can guide you through the paperwork, so you can focus on recovering.

In addition, you can receive compensation for lost wages from your inability to work, and damages for pain and suffering from a reduced quality of life. Speak with a Sedro-Woolley car accident attorney today by calling (360) 734-0908. We are available around the clock to provide a free, in-depth consultation.