Kirkland DUI Lawyer

king county courthouseThe State of Washington has tough penalties for those convicted of DUI, whether for alcohol or drug use. Many people are shocked to learn they can be arrested for DUI if they are under the influence of their prescription medication like Xanax, Oxy-Codone, Ambien, anti-depressants and pain medications. If you are arrested for drug or alcohol DUI in Kirkland, WA you can face a driving license suspension, hefty fines, and mandatory minimum jail sentences if you don't have experienced legal care from a strong DUI and criminal defense attorney.

The consequences of a DUI are severe. You stand to lose your driver’s license for a minimum of 90 days to 2 years. For prescription drug DUI's, law enforcement may even contact your doctor and interview your employer. Plus, any prior DUI or alcohol related criminal driving convictions can increase the severity of the penalties. Without a Kirkland, WA DUI lawyer you may not get the opportunity to reduce the charges against you or have them dismissed. An experienced attorney knows the best strategies to use to fight your DUI.

Top DUI Defenses in Kirkland

Our Kirkland, WA DUI lawyers evaluate your case by looking at for areas of the investigation and case. Those areas are the stop, the field tests, the warnings given prior to testing, and gh and results of the breath or blood tests. Your right to consult an attorney for your Kirkland DUI charge begins at the moment you are taken into custody for questioning. Our DUI and criminal defense lawyers can explain the defenses that arise during the Stop, The Sobriety tests, the Implied Consent Warnings, and breath or blood testing. Examples include the following:

Improper Stop Defense

An improper stop can result in the entire DUI case being dismissed and is one of the most commonly argued DUI defenses in Kirkland. Your DUI attorney can call into question the legitimacy of the traffic stop; oftentimes, law enforcement officers stop drivers without a valid reason or probable cause, and the law requires that the officer have probable cause of a crime or at least a traffic infraction before the stop is justified. Otherwise, the stop is an unconstitutional violation of your 4th Amendment right to be secure in your effects.

Legitimacy of Sobriety Tests

Chemical and breath tests used to prove DUI are frequently found to have errors and performed incorrectly. Sometimes, the way the test is administered goes against prescribed rules and officer training, sometimes the way the tests are processed are invalid and lack scientific merit. DUI blood samples can become outdated or expire like any other live specimen if they are in storage for too long or mishandled. Breath test results can often be contaminated by the presence of mouth alcohol, and a more recent discovery by our Kirkland DUI lawyers is that they can be manipulated by the machine to compensate for the machines dieting batteries or depleted testing materials.

How to Fight a DUI in Kirkland

For a strong DUI defense, hire a competent and experienced Kirkland DUI lawyer through MyTrafficMan. It is very important that you hire an attorney as soon as possible upon your arrest and before your hearing. Important deadlines and restrictions are imposed within the first 72 hours. Thats wait the top caliber lawyers at MyTrafficMan are available 24/7 to discuss your case and offer legal advice. Our network of attorney offices in Bellingham, Skagit County, Bellevue, and Vancouver, Washington is a link to great lawyers who are dedicated to Community leadership in legal care for DUI, criminal defense, car accident claims and speeding ticket violations. Call (360) 734-0908 to schedule a free in-depth consultation or visit mytrafficman.net.