Ellensburg Car Accident Lawyer

kittitas county courthouseThousands of car accidents occur every day in the 50 states, and Washington is no exception. Situated in Kittitas County, WA, Ellensburg's population of almost 20,000 is no stranger to such accidents. You should educate yourself about the implications that are involved in a car accident case in order to make the right decisions if it ever happens to you.

After a Crash


It’s important to stay at the scene of the accident no matter what, even if you feel there are no serious injuries or damages. Never drive away based on your assumptions. This is the most basic thing you can do following an Ellensburg car accident.

Seek Medical Attention

If you or anyone else is seriously hurt, you must call an ambulance or seek help in some way. This is your top priority in any car accident scenario. Even if you do not think you are hurt, you should be evaluated by a physician. Some injuries can take weeks to show symptoms.

Asses your situation

Immediately after you are involved in a car accident, it’s important to be aware and take note of what problems arose because of it. The steps you take right after the accident can have a direct effect on what you are compensated for in the future. This includes pictures of damages and names and addresses of witnesses, and positioning of the cars or trucks involved in the accident.

Call the police

Contacting the authorities after an accident is a crucial step in getting a record of what happened. Calling the police not only ensures safety and proficiency for your accident, but a lot of times a police report is necessary when filing a claim on your insurance.

Record Everything Accurately

An accurate report is crucial to recording everything that occurred during and after the accident. After the police arrive, make sure to inform them with as many details as you can remember. Only tell the officers the facts. If you are not sure of any aspect of the crash, leave it out. Don't try to fabricate anything or leave out details.

Report the Accident

The next important step is to notify your insurance company about what happened as soon as you can. Familiarizing yourself with how your insurance works is important because some companies require immediate communication and reporting in order to fully compensate the insured.

Seek Legal Help

It is imperative that you get in contact with a lawyer who will fight for your right to compensation. If you are looking to file a claim, one of our experienced Ellensburg car accident lawyers are available to assist you. With a network of attorney offices in Kittitas, Clark, King, Skagit, and other Washington counties, including Personal Injury attorney's in Ellensburg, WA, MyTrafficMan.NET is your best source for legal care in DUI, criminal defense, car accident claims, and speeding ticket violations. Call 360-734-0908 today.