Edmonds Speeding Ticket Lawyer

snohomish county courthouseWashington State is an absolute speed limit state which means speed limit laws are strict. Even going one or two miles per hour can technically result in a citation. It may not seem like receiving a citation in Edmonds for speeding can do much harm, but repeated violations can tarnish your driving record. Getting a speeding ticket and then paying the fine ensures that your citation counts against you, even if you get to keep your driver’s license and avoid other penalties. Paying the citation is an admission of guilt; over time, simply paying the fine does more harm than good.

Ultimately, with too many violations against you, you could lose your Washington driver’s license, face higher insurance premiums, and other serious consequences. An experienced Edmonds speeding ticket attorney can help you avoid penalties and may possibly be able to have the ticket completely dismissed.

By teaming up with a top-caliber traffic attorney through the MyTrafficMan network, you are presented with the option to fight your traffic ticket. Our Edmonds attorneys go to court for you and fight on your behalf, providing you peace of mind. We just need your ticket information and an explanation of your unique circumstance, including a run-down of the events that led up to the speeding ticket. You can even submit your ticket online and have a dedicated attorney reach out to you to start the process.

Paying the Fine or Fighting the Ticket

With the help of a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney in Edmonds, you do not need to admit to speeding by paying the fine. There are two ways to prevent a speeding ticket from damaging your driving record: contest the ticket, or request a mitigation hearing. Contesting the ticket is the only option that truly does not admit guilt. You may plead “not guilty” to the offense at the contested hearing with the aid of a knowledgeable speeding ticket lawyer in Edmonds.

For a mitigation hearing, you are essentially admitting to the violation but requesting the court to reduce the amount fined. During the hearing, the court allows you to explain the facts surrounding your case so that they can consider reducing the fine you have to pay. It is not guaranteed that the fine will be reduced.

To speak with one of our speeding ticket attorneys near Edmonds, Washington, submit your ticket online. You only have 15 days to respond to the citation, which means that if you have recently received a ticket, you must act quickly. Our attorneys are available around the clock. Call (360) 734-0908 for a free in-depth consultation.