Burlington Speeding Ticket Lawyer

skagit county courthouseWhen you are issued a speeding ticket in Burlington, WA, you have one of three options to choose from:

  1. Pay the Ticket - Under Washington State law, this is effectively a guilty plea in which you accept responsibility and pay the full ticket amount by the due date. This means the speeding ticket will go on your driving record.
  2. Request a Mitigation Hearing - This is also effectively a guilty plea except you ask the judge to lower the fines. This will still result in a speeding ticket on your driving record.
  3. Request a Contested Hearing - This is the only way to contest your ticket. You will have an opportunity to argue your case before a judge, be found not guilty, and have the ticket dismissed.

Regardless of how you choose to proceed, it must be done before the ticket’s due date (typically 15 days after it’s issued). Too many infractions on your driving record can cause your license to get suspended.

An experienced Burlington speeding ticket lawyer can help you fight any speeding ticket you are issued. However, once you have paid the ticket, you have already admitted guilt. That’s why you should contact a Burlington speeding ticket lawyer before doing anything else. Contesting a Burlington speeding ticket is about more than just avoiding fines, it’s about avoiding a hit to your driving record and avoiding higher car insurance premiums.

An experienced Burlington traffic ticket lawyer may be able to:

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There are many possible defenses to a Washington speeding ticket that a speeding ticket lawyer could use, including:

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