Anacortes DUI Attorney

skagit county courthouseA DUI in Anacortes is a serious offense, as it is for all of Washington. DUI charges can stay with you a long time, affecting every aspect of your personal life. From losing the freedom to drive to even losing the opportunity to find good employment, it is advised that you contact an attorney to take your case. If you are charged, you stand to face jail time, license suspension, large fines, and high risk vehicle insurance. A DUI attorney with extensive knowledge of Washington DUI laws, police procedures, and the inaccuracies of common blood-alcohol content tests that gauge whether or not you drove under the influence, is a valuable asset to reclaiming your freedom.

How to Defend Against an Anacortes DUI

You may not wish to defend against your own DUI in Washington. There are so many intricacies to this area of law that an attorney who has studied and worked defending DUI for years may be the most viable avenue to dealing with your charges.

There are several top defenses in Washington against DUI. An Anacortes attorney who routinely defends against DUI should know them like the back of his hand. At MyTrafficMan we are a network of such attorneys who work on DUI cases and help clients avoid license suspension and jail time.

An experienced attorney considers all the available evidence in order to have a thorough understanding of your DUI case before deciding which route to follow in your defense. There are several possibilities that may work in your favor, including the following defenses:

Your Anacortes DUI attorney may also challenge the calibration of the breathalyzer test used to gauge your blood alcohol concentration. Oftentimes, these machines fail to produce an accurate reading.

There are so many ways to defend against DUI that you should never enter a guilty plea unless advised by an attorney. This is a rare circumstance. A conviction can ruin your career and your future, particularly in Washington where DUI charges carry strict penalties.

If you are facing DUI charges, look to the MyTrafficMan network of top-caliber defense attorneys to be connected with an attorney with a history of handling DUI cases. Our attorney offices in Bellingham, Skagit County, Bellevue, Vancouver, Kittitas and King Counties take on criminal defense, DUI, car accident claims, and speeding violations. Call (360) 734-0908 today.